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Minh Long I News

Saturday, 14th of February 2015

Ambiente Exhibition 2015

At 9 am on 13/02/2015 according to local time (15 pm on 13/02/2015 according to Vietnam’s time). The Ambiente Exhibition 2015 was opened at the Messe Exhibition Centre, Frankfurt - Germany.


Visitors come to  Minh Long I’s booth.

As one of Vietnamese Business Enterprises attending in a big international trade fair in Germany, Minh Long I is the only booth which is placed in the exhibition area for the brand reputation and  the top leading company of the world. Minh Long cares for displaying the products very carefully from the layout design to even the selection of each product’s shape.


The area for displaying Ly’s Horeca range  at Minh Long I’s booth.



 Gourmet – Ly’s horeca range



Some art porcelain products

Not only caring for the presentation at the fair, Minh Long I is also more focused on the benefits and the value that customers can seek on products. In addition to the variety of designs, we also introduce to visitors the modern and closed manufacturing processes, and do not use toxic substances such as lead, cadmium ... in the production process. Besides that, visitors are also experienced  the durability of Minh Long I’s products by nailing these porcelain products into a timber.


Guests enjoy viewing the production process.


Guests attend the challenge of nailing by porcelain cup


And enjoy the Vietnamese traditional dishes that Minh Long  prepared at the booth

After the opening day on 13rd February, the Ambiente Exhibition 2015 will last until the end of the day 17/02/2015. We are very honored to welcome you to visit and open up the opportunities for business cooperation together in the future.

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