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Minh Long I News

Monday, 22nd of May 2017


Thanks to his contribution to Vietnam’s porcelain industry and bold assertion on national art crafts in the age of modernization, Mr. Ly Ngoc Minh, general director of Minh Long I Co., Ltd. has joined other 29 delegates to be honored as The Economic Reform’s Individuals of Distinction.

On the night of May 20th, the awards ware presented by the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour (VGCL) to 30 high-performing companies and individuals with excellent achievements, especially those standing out in reforming movements. As the theme Honors of Vietnam – A 30-year Mark of Doi Moi suggests, the event is about the prestigious award recognizing achievements and contributions of 12 groups and 18 individuals towards patriotic movements and economic reforms. The award night was well attended by high-ranking officials from the Communist Party, the government and ministerial bureaus along with delegates from awarded groups.

18 individuals that were honored during the event of “Honors of Vietnam – A 30-year Mark of Doi Moi”

Of 183 applications submitted from 15 ministries and industrial sectors in 43 provinces and cities, the Award Council cast their vote to select 12 groups and 18 individuals from various fields such as economics, culture and society, science, technology, national defense, security, foreign affairs and politics. Ba Son Corporation, Vietnam Airlines, Vietnam National Textile & Garment Group, Viettel, Ho Chi Minh City General Confederation of Labor, etc. are among groups of distinction. Notably, Mr. Ly Ngoc Minh, general director of Minh Long I Co., Ltd., is one out of three leaders representing companies from the private sector to receive the award. Since 1996, Minh Long has been consecutively ranked in Top 40 Vietnam High Quality Products, while its leader, Mr. Minh, was honored with the Hero of Labour title in 2007 for his continuous effort and success in maintaining, improving and promoting Vietnam’s porcelain with great cultural and historical patterns for years. “Every country has its own product and style. People usually think of colorful tulips when asked about Holland, or wrist watches from Switzerland. For Vietnam, I want to remind everyone to relate us with a certain craft product, and furthermore, when people talk of porcelain, it is Vietnam they think of! Up to now, I am really confident on the hand-painting, printing, coloring and firing techniques as well as skilled labour force from Minh Long. In the sea of products in the market, just by looking at them from afar, customers can instantly recognize one is from Vietnam and produced by Minh Long without tracing our trade mark,” said Mr. Minh about his optimistic vision in an interview with Lao Dong Newspapers.

This year’s award night also marked the 30th anniversary of the Reforms and its legacy on the country’s economic progress. According to the spokesperson of VGCL, 18 individuals awarded in the Honors of Vietnam – A 30-year Mark of Doi Moi are all talented, innovative people who pursued their mission in bettering the social standards and improving the country’s competency. They are also those who sought challenges and devoted themselves to both social work and own career, which helped the country overcome hardships and get ready for new challenges in the age of globalization.In the congratulatory speech, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc added the awardees are excellent representatives of Vietnam’s labour forces, who are creating values for others to look up to, multiply and disseminate. Mr. Phuc believed there will be more and more outstanding individuals of all sectors and industries to join hands for the wealth of the nation.

Source: – Hong Tam

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