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What’s the major difference between ceramic/stoneware and porcelain ware?


Ceramic/stoneware is fired at lower temperature than porcelain ware. Therefore, the former is likely more porous with a whitish ivory shade and higher absorbency.

Porcelain, on the other hand, is of higher quality since it comprises of fine materials fired at higher temperature with advanced technology. As a result, porcelain ware possesses a glossy white and translucent body (visible for products up to 3.0 mm thick) and silky smooth surface, which induces a crystal clear, clinking sound when tapped.

There are also semi-porcelain ranges available in the market. These products with their high porosity are not as white and translucent as porcelain.

Why are Minh Long’s products higher-priced than those of their competitors?


Minh Long’s porcelain ware achieves its premium label and price range thanks to following reasons:

- Advanced technology from Germany and imported materials are made use throughout production phases.

- Products are all fired at an extreme temperature (above 1380°C), therefore, they acquire firm structure that is chip-resistant, hard to crack and lasts a lifetime.

- Porcelain surface is always shiny and delicately glazed.

- Creative decorations are designed in an exquisite, vivid and artful style which expresses unique Vietnamese craftsmanship.

Despite Minh Long I being a renowned porcelain brand name awarded with national and international credits as well as gifted to heads of state around the world, it also offers a variety of products for every budget and demand.

How long does it take Minh Long I to refund online purchases?


Minh Long I will consider a refund for online purchases after completing a product assessment for exchange/refund. This process usually takes about 5 working days. The refund timeline may vary on a case-by-case basis and be informed to Customer via email.

You may choose one of following refund methods:

Method of refund Timeline
Bank transfer

3-5 working days by ATM debit cards

2-3 weeks by Visa/ Master cards

For further information, please refer to Refund/Return Policy at minhlong.com.

Condition & Requirements for returning an item?


Minh Long I only accepts to exchange/ return products with defects NOT relating to customer’s use, including:

+ technical defects are found.

+ products are damaged prior to delivery.

+ wrong products are delivered.

If your order falls in one of these situations, Minh Long I will implement a return policy as follows:

+ Exchange the defective for a brand new one

+ Cover extra delivery fee(s), if any

+ Refund 100% of purchase value if the product required is out of stock

For further information, please refer to our Return Policy at minhlong.com.

Can I request issuance of VAT invoice when shopping at minhlong.com?



Please fill out your organization’s information in the requested field for VAT invoice issuance. We will issue the invoice based on the information given.

The invoice then will be attached along with your respective shipment. In case of late request or cases stated otherwise, Minh Long I shall post the document to Customer as soon as possible.


- If the requested field for issuing VAT invoice is left blank, the system will automatically generate an invoice based on the recipient’s information.

- Minh Long I may refuse to handle arising requests for tax declaration of purchase orders from VND 20 million and above.