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What will I have to do when I don’t receive transaction result?


After completing the payment steps, if you do not get any results notice after 30 seconds, please contact Merchants (provide information unit sales on the website that you purchase) to get the result of transactions. You should not make further transactions to avoid being charged one.

What is OTP when paying by local ATM debit cards?


OTP is One Time password used for online payment. Issuing bank will send you OTP password via SMS or by using Token key.

What is Verified by Visa (VbV) or Master Card SecureCode?


Verified by Visa (VbyV) or MSC is a Visa/ MasterCard program designed to provide online merchants the added security of having Issuing banks authenticate their individual cardholders and qualify their online transactions for fraud protection or chargeback.

If you have enrolled 3D- Secure Program for your card with Issuing Bank namely Verified by Visa for Visa card, MasterCard Secure Code for MasterCard, and J- Secure for JCB Card, you really need to enter online payment password.

In case you forget your password or would like to get more information about VbV or MSC, please contact your bank.

Why does my card get declined; payment transaction get failed?


A payment transaction may not be successful for many reasons. Most common ones are listed below:

  • Not register Internet payment function with issuing bank (for Visa, MasterCard,...)
  • Not eligible for online payments function registration (for ATM cards)
  • Insufficient funds for payment. Some banks set a daily limit on the card.
  • Enter invalid card information.

For cards of Visa, MasterCard only: Password of Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode program maybe asked during your payment process, but you have skipped this authentication step.

For accurate information, please contact your card-issuing bank.

Do I need to activate Internet payment function for my card?


  • For Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB: To make an online payment transaction, your card must be activated for Internet payment function. Some banks do not automatically trigger this function when issuing your card. You should contact your issuing bank (phone number on back side of the card) for this information.
  • For domestic debit card (ATM card): Depending on your issuing bank requirements, you should register their services at the bank counters to be eligible to make payments online:
    •  Vietcombank: register for Internet Banking and SMS Banking service.
    •  DongA Bank: online Transfer / Payment service on Internet Banking / SMS Banking
    •  Vietinbank: register for online payment service
    •  VIB: register for VIB4U servcie
    •  HDBank: SMS/Vasco Token Key service and money transfer service on eBanking
    •  Techcombank: register for Internet banking service
    •  Tienphong Bank: register for Internet banking service
    •  MB: eBanking service called eMB
    •  VietA Bank: register for Internet banking service
    •  Maritime Bank: (only applied for M1 card) no need for registration
    •  Eximbank: online payment service (card holder can make online registry if Internet Bank and SMS Banking have been activated)
    •  SHB: iBanking service need to be ativated
    •  Sacombank: Internet Banking function is required
    •  Nam A Bank: Internet Banking and SMS Banking
    • ...