1. Purpose

The data collection mainly take place on the online store of Minh Long I Co., Ltd. This includes Customer’s account name, login password, email, phone, name and address. These are information that Minh Long requires Customers to provide to contact and confirm delivery information when the Customer place any order. The activity is meant for Customer’s interest.

Customers must be solely responsible for the confidentiality and storage of all uses of the service under their registered name, password and e-mail. In addition, Customers are responsible for promptly notifying about unauthorized use, abuse, security violations and illegal storage of registered account name and password by a third party to Minh Long I to resolve.

2. Scope of information usage

Minh Long I Co., Ltd. uses information provided by Customers to:

  • Provide services to Customers.
  • Send notices about information exchange activities between the Customers and Minh Long I Co., Ltd.
  • Prevent activities that destroy Customer's user account or steal Customer identity.
  • Contact and deal with Customers in special cases.
  • Minh Long I Co., Ltd. shall only use the registered information of the Customer for the purpose of contact and confirmation in relation to the transaction at the commercial website of Minh Long I Co., Ltd.
  • Minh Long I is responsible for providing Customer’s registered information when and only when requested by competent state agencies.

3. Information storage time

Customer's personal data will be stored until requested to cancel or Customer log in and cancel. Unless stated otherwise, Customer will be kept confidential on the server of Minh Long I.

4. Persons or organizations that have the right to receive information

Only Minh Long I is entitled to access the members' information and when collecting information, Minh Long I has a mechanism for the information subject to choose whether to provide information or not.

5. Contact information of data collection, information management and Customer support units

  • Minh Long I Co., Ltd.
  • Address: 333, Hung Loc, Hung Dinh, Thuan An, Binh Duong, Vietnam.
  • Hotline: 0915 047 339
  • Email: [email protected]

6. Means and tools for customers to access and edit their own information.

Customers have the right to revisit, update, adjust and edit their personal information by logging in to their account; or request Minh Long I to do this.

Customers have the right to submit complaints about disclosure of personal information to third parties to the administration of Minh Long I online sales portal. Upon receiving these feedbacks, Minh Long I will confirm the information and hold responsible to answer and guide Customers to restore and secure the information.

7. Commitment to protecting personal information of customers

Minh Long I understands that:

  • Customer's personal information given to the online portal is under the protection of Minh Long I Co., Ltd. according to its personal information policy. It does not use, transfer, provide or disclose to any third party any personal information of the Customer without the permission or consent of the Customer, unless otherwise prescribed by law.
  • In case the server where the information is stored is attacked by hackers and leads to loss of personal data, Minh Long I will be responsible for informing the authorities to investigate and handle promptly and notify Customers accordingly.
  • Minh Long shall absolutely secure all online transaction information of customers including invoice information and digital accounting vouchers at Minh Long I level 1 data safety zone.

8. Data Deletation Policy

8.1. Terms and Conditions

Customers have the right to apply data deletion policies in the following specific cases:

  • Where personal data is no longer needed in relation to the purpose for which it was originally collected/processed
  • When customers don't want to share their data;
  • When the customer does not agree to the processing and there is no other legal basis for the relevant processing;
  • Where customer data must be deleted in order to comply with legal obligations.

8.2. How can data be deleted?

For futher information or request to delete data, customers can contact to ML Co., Ltd at:

  • Address: 333, Hung Loc, Hung Dinh, Thuan An, Binh Duong, Vietnam.
  • Hotline: 0915 047 339
  • Email: [email protected]

8.3. Validity period:

The request to delete personal data or unlink a social network account will take effect 48 hours after the request is received by the system.

8.4. The rights and obligations of customers when applying the data deletion policy:

  • Minh Long removes the customer's account from the system, including the previously   stored personal data set  of customers (full name, email, phone number, date of birth, gender, address, form of payment) and information related to transaction history.
  • Customers do not have the right to request account recovery after applying this data deletion policy .