Music video: Mom's Only Wish

This festive season... Let Minh Long tell you Mom's deep-down wishes.

She heads out to the wet market, cooks her family tasty meals, sets the table and, then, clean up. She tries hard to make every meal a good one. Wholeheartedly. But what does her heart long for?

- I only look forward to Tet, because it's when my children go home!...

...and gather for reunion meals of Tet. The meals that express Mom's greatly treasured values. It is the TOGETHERNESS which holds families close-knit and see parents welcome their children home after a long, hard-working year. It is the CONNECTION that unfolds bittersweet moments of the year past and hidden wishes for a better year to come. It is the APPRECIATION that each member shows to Mom for her care and devotion to every meal. Seeing everyone enjoy the food on a special occasion, like Tet, is the happiness she's always dreamed for.

The short film also denotes how porcelain resembles a mother's characters. It is a harmless, contained material. It, cares for your meals through the mother's meticulous preparation.

A film by Ly Minh Thang, starring singer Ha Anh Tuan, actress Bich Hang, actor Nguyen Tan and Bao Bao. The theme song is written by Tien Cookie.

"Let's go home this Tet! 'Cause it's Mom's only wish."

Together with MINH LONG, we celebrate Mother. And celebrate the values that she treasures.

Minh Long I