Royal Lotus dinner set for serving APEC 2017 state banquet

The design of APEC 2017 dinner set is of royal style and complies with imperial standards, which covers a full range of 29 luxurious dining items.

Each product features unique patterns created using the latest technology in the porcelain industry worldwide. Since the set is displayed on an occasion as special as the state banquet, each item is required to be made with impressively precise and artistic manoeuvre. As a result, Minh Long does not hesitate to proceed new production in familiar items such as gravy boat, double layered soup tureen, large-sized super flat placemat, etc. only to serve the event.

Every product is decorated with unique patterns reflecting Vietnamese traditional and modern art. On the creamy buttercup surface, royal cobalt blue paintings are lined with 24K gold liquid, which elevates their aesthetic value to an international level.