Tea pot 1.1 L + lid - Camellia - Mystical

SKU Code: 011138074
Brand: Minh Long I
Collection: Camellia
Pattern: Mystical
991.100 VNĐ
Quantity: 1

Product Description

Depiction of four holy creatures - qilin, turtle, dragon and phoenix - is displayed with a creative design on Camellia collection's Mystical tea set, bearing a wishful notion of a year filled with peace, joy, wealth and success. Unique patterns in white and blue are artistically laid here and there in a regal style. Tea time can never get more classy without Mystical.

The detail information of product

19 cm | 7,48 inch
19 cm | 7,48 inch
14 cm | 5,51 inch
1,10 lít | 37,29 oz
734,67 gr
Blue, White, Vàng 24k
Sắc việt, Sang trọng, Trang nhã, Cổ điển

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