Gold-lined White Rising Peacock Fruit Platter (left)

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Brand: Minh Long I
Collection: Sứ nghệ thuật
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Product Description

Pavo, or peacock, is a mystic bird that represents fortune, nobility and good luck. It has become a source of inspiration for Minh Long’s talented artists to create the Pavo Fruit Bowl – a vernal work of art which symbolizes a wish for great wealth and peace.

The fruit bowl has its aesthetic shape cleverly depicted with a balletic posture, pearl-shaped beak, sesame-black eyes, delicate neck, wide open breast, upright crest and curvy wings which embrace its fresh fruity content. Every single detail of the holy bird is precisely sculpted and painstakingly lined with glittering 24K gold liquid, contributing to the item’s gracefulness.


The charming design itself is a symphony of modern techniques and artistic components which exhale a divine power and, at the same time, elevate the beauty of the offerings it carries during religious practice. On the other hand, the bowl is also a perfect pick for any meal settings in which showcase the hosts’ unique taste. Not many people know that pavo is also a good omen of a prosperous and successful year.


Pavo Fruit Bowl is available in both elegant white and royal cobalt blue which serve different styles and preferences during the festive springtime.

The detail information of product

White, Vàng 24k
Trang nhã

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