Tea set 0.47 L - Anna - Moony Peace Crescent

SKU Code: 68470247503T
Brand: Minh Long I
Collection: Anna
Pattern: Moony Peace
990.000 VNĐ
Quantity: 1

Product Description

Vietnamese porcelain embraces Vietnamese tea

Tempered with the heat of rich soil and bathed in musky fragrance of early-season daisies to hold the brew in place, boosting its gentle sweetness, leafy scent and bold flavour. A gift with beauty that nourishes aroma and love in a perfect, modern ellipsoidal shape. Vision of "daisies" gives us a fine moment to rethink and form a gratitude for this whole wide world, treasure memories of stories past filled with enjoyment and celebrate togetherness.

The detail information of product

26 cm | 10,24 inch
19,50 cm | 7,68 inch
14,30 cm | 5,63 inch
0,47 lít | 15,93 oz
900 gr
Blue, White, Vàng 24k, Gray
Thiên nhiên, Sang trọng, Trang nhã, Tươi tắn, Hiện đại

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