Set of 23 pcs – Camellia – Blue Leaves

SKU Code: 23CAM495
Brand: Minh Long I
Collection: Camellia
Pattern: Blue Leaves
1.734.480 VNĐ
Quantity: 1

Product Description

The Blue Leaves is elaborated with stylized motifs of rustic flora in the wild. Layered sprigs of flowers and leaves are skillfully arranged on the product’s rim to bring a feeling of luxury and artful ambience.

Shiny enamel surface, white porcelain body and aesthetics floral patterns have together contributed to the beauty of this collection. With its delicate design, the Blue Leaves is meant to light up the space around it and showcase the owner’s taste where golden yellow and royal blue are combined to set a modern yet elegant look.

As a finely crafted product of Minh Long, the dinner set possesses some notable features. Raw materials together with advanced mixing technologies and strict quality control procedures have condensed in each item to ensure a perfect design, hard texture and glossy glaze with chip-resistance and health-safety.

The Blue Leaves with elegant, modern design can fit in different dinning spaces and suitable for showcasing its owner’s fine taste.

Set of 23 products:

- 06 soup bowl 11.5 cm

- 06 sauce dish 09 cm

- 06 saucer 14.4 cm

- 01 soup bowl 20 cm

- 02 round plate 27 cm

- 01 soup plate 23 cm

- 01 round plate 20 cm

The detail information of product

7.988 gr
29,50 cm | 11,61 inch
24 cm | 9,45 inch
31,50 cm | 12,40 inch
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