Porcelain Tumbler 0.48L and Straw Lid (Type 1) - Drink Your Tea

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Brand: Minh Long I
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Product Description


Sản phẩm là phiên bản mới đặc biệt của dòng ly sứ dưỡng sinh, truyền tải những thông điệp quý giá từ thư pháp của thiền sư Thích Nhất Hạnh. “Drink Your Tea” is a profound lesson in the practice of mindfulness of concentration. Whatever we practice, we focus on it wholeheartedly. When drinking tea, we only drink tea and do not worry about other things. Likewise, when doing anything we need to focus on doing it, not letting the mind get distracted. When people put all their attention and focus on what they are doing, the work will be done well and bring the highest efficiency.


The product is made from pure, natural, benign porcelain material, which does not secrete toxic substances and safe for health.

The product is fired at a high temperature, resistant to alkalis or acids in the drink, to help the drink not to be degraded or changed in taste.

The design is well-attended with a tightly-fit porcelain lid that has a convenient hole for straw, easy to open and close, suitable for carrying anywhere. Shiny, hard enamel surface can keep the product new always even after a long time of use.

- The porcelain cup has a tightly-fit porcelain lid and excellent heat resistance for keeping the drink’s temperature perfectly stable longer whether it is hot or cold.

Porcelain is safe and benign, which can be reused several times, contributes to reducing waste and does not pollute the environment.


The detail information of product

439 gr
10,40 cm | 4,09 inch
10,40 cm | 4,09 inch
15,50 cm | 6,10 inch
0,48 lít | 16,27 oz
White, Đen
Hiện đại, Trang nhã

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