Flower vase 27 x 14.5 cm - Thuan Buom

SKU Code: 112776322
Brand: Minh Long I
Pattern: Smooth Trip
1.815.000 VNĐ
Quantity: 1

Product Description

Displaying paintings of wind-filled sails riding ships brimmed with exotic treasures and the most fierce tides to anchor the shore of success and fearlessly show their strength, Smooth Sailing Vase is regarded a talisman, a Feng Shui object of good luck for everyone, especially those who are business people. Placing the Smooth Sailing Vase in your work room or living room enhances positive energy to attract wealth and fortune to its owner.

The detail information of product

12 cm | 4,72 inch
12 cm | 4,72 inch
27 cm | 10,63 inch
1.400 gr
White, Orange

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