Flower vase 29 x 18.5 cm - Carp

SKU Code: 502534297
Brand: Minh Long I
Pattern: Carp
2.138.400 VNĐ
Quantity: 1

Product Description

Carp has long been one of Vietnam's cultural symbols, which holds the unspoken Feng Shui power to optimize financial luck, unity, strong will and nobility. To some, giving gifts with carp-inspired patterns is a meaningful act to represent wishes for the best. Also, the divine fish with its golden scale is regarded as a good omen, properity, academic success, a brighter career and better solutions againts difficulties in life.

The detail information of product

1.600 gr
18 cm | 7,09 inch
18 cm | 7,09 inch
29 cm | 11,42 inch
Thiên nhiên, Trang nhã, Tươi tắn, Sắc việt

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