Golden Arc Tea Filter Set 0.20L - Anna - Gold Royal

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Brand: Minh Long I
Collection: Anna
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Product Description

Tea drinking has become a common thread running through Vietnamese culture. By steaming hot teacups, meaningful stories are unfolded and shared among soulmates. Tea time is, on the other hand, a special showcase of combined arts. Each step of preparing tea is heeded and handled with care. If tea leaves’ quality is the second element in the traditional order of importance, tea pot and cups used in tea drinking rituals comes third and fourth, which all turn a seemingly mundane activity into higher meaning.

Minh Long Tea Set with Filter is a porcelain masterpiece carrying a special mission of making tea drinking an art of convenience and style yet staying true to its beautiful core value. It is not simply a tool set for brewing tea, but also a finely crafted work of art with distinctive functions and intricate design made with advanced technology.

It offers tea lovers a new way to enjoy tea without requiring complicated tea items or a multi-step preparation like traditional ones. With this set, only 2-3g of tea leaves is needed every time a cup of mind soothingness, calm and relaxation is in demand. However, taste is guaranteed the same even in its sixth brew.

This is one of the set’s highlights that its traditional counterparts have never possessed.

Its unique design, which comprises a tea presser, a filter insert and a large tea pot (with a burner), allows boiling water to remain at stable hot temperature (80 – 100°C) and, henceforth, make the best cup of tea without taking too much time and effort like before.

Royal color motifs add a dash of elegance to the set’s modern, symmetrical patterns, which Minh Long has studied and applied cleverly on glossy porcelain canvas lined with glittering 24K-gold details. All contributes to its delicate beauty fit for tea aficionados.

The Tea Set With Filter is a product born from heart and soul to help create a joyful time with friends and those who matter. Sooth your five senses in tea aroma permeating from our luxury tea set or gift it to those who share the same passion and respect for tea.

The detail information of product

White, Vàng, Vàng 24k
Sang trọng, Trang nhã, Tươi tắn

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