Tea set 0.7 L - Lotus - Celadon

SKU Code: 68700902203
Brand: Minh Long I
Collection: Lotus
Pattern: Hand painted
1.895.400 VNĐ
Quantity: 1

Product Description

HAND PAINTED LOTUS: Nostalgia – Gratitude

In Minh Long’s Hand painted Lotus tea set, artistic and innocent beauty of Vietnam’s national flower has been transformed into its patterns. A splendid array of colors and shapes is artfully arranged and molded in a creative way after years of researching and fine-tuning craftsmanship. On the shiny glazed surface blooms the lotus flower, a symbol of ancient noble characters. The porcelain artist has successfully depicted the flower’s soft petals which gently blossoms and embraces the realistic-looking pistils. Such harmonious combination of powder pink petals on emerald background evokes freshness and peacefulness. The tea set itself glorifies the art of hand-painting and the artist’s effort and meticulousness. Every single detail is finely painted and shaped to the peak of perfection and emotion, which is a symphony of hand-painting art,craftsmanship and aesthetic design. The Colored Lotus tea set is a masterpiece that features the meaningful depth of symbolism and vivid, fine art.

Tea set 0.7 L:

- 01 tea pot 0.7 L + Lid

- 06 cup 0.10 L

- 06 saucer 12 cm

The detail information of product

2.200 gr
25,50 cm | 10,04 inch
24,50 cm | 9,65 inch
15 cm | 5,91 inch
0,70 lít | 23,73 oz
Xanh lá
Thiên nhiên, Trang nhã, Sắc việt

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