Tea set 1.1 L - Jasmine - Four precious

SKU Code: 01111113303
Brand: Minh Long I
Collection: Jasmine
Pattern: Four Precious
1.138.500 VNĐ
Quantity: 1

Product Description

Four Precious Plants portrays vernal flora that represent the four seasons: Ochna (spring), Arcana Bamboo (summer), Daisy (autumn) and Elm (winter), underlying in which a wish for wealth, properity and good luck. Harmoniously laid one next to another on the glazy surface, four plants jointly depict a picture of divinity and integrity while royal blue details elaborate the luxury feels in the nature's setting.

The detail information of product

26 cm | 10,24 inch
23 cm | 9,06 inch
15,50 cm | 6,10 inch
1,10 lít | 37,29 oz
2.480 gr
Blue, White
Sắc việt, Trang nhã, Cổ điển

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