Mug 0.5 L - Tulip - Graceful

SKU Code: 155045432DD
Brand: Minh Long I
Collection: Tulip
Pattern: Graceful
220.000 VNĐ
Quantity: 1

Product Description

"She may be the mirror of my dreams. A smile reflected in a stream" - the beauty of "she" holds us in awe, honor and deep respect. Like the princess of the woods, every step she takes exudes the wild sweet fragrance that got things around her deeply enchanted. Let us relive the goddess story and dedicate it to your loving and aspiring women so that they can feel your care.

The detail information of product

14,50 cm | 5,71 inch
10,50 cm | 4,13 inch
16,50 cm | 6,50 inch
0,50 lít | 16,95 oz
268 gr
Trắng ngà, Pink
Sang trọng, Trang nhã, Hiện đại, Thiên nhiên

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