Mug 0.5 L - Tulip - Charming

SKU Code: 155045432DU
Brand: Minh Long I
Collection: Tulip
Pattern: Charming
220.000 VNĐ
Quantity: 1

Product Description

There is an old saying in Vietnamese which is roughly translated as "dignity of tuberose, heart of orchid" to compliment a young woman's beauty as people believe women with charm never goes out of style. The "Charm" mugs are created to honor such timeless beauty by displaying the intertwining image of a charming lady and tuberoses on porcelain white, reminding us how to treat, love and care for our important women.

The detail information of product

14,50 cm | 5,71 inch
10,50 cm | 4,13 inch
16,50 cm | 6,50 inch
0,50 lít | 16,95 oz
268 gr
Tím, Trắng ngà
Thiên nhiên, Sang trọng, Trang nhã, Hiện đại

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