Cupped soup bowl 11.5 cm - Tulip - Heritage

SKU Code: 591111376
Brand: Minh Long I
Collection: Tulip white
Pattern: Heritage
220.000 VNĐ
Quantity: 1

Product Description

As a cultural symbol of ancient Vietnamese culture, the bronze drum patterns are enlivened on the porcelain surface to keep those memories from fading in our country's modern life. The color blends of bright orange, royal blue and gold, added with flaring design express a sense of freshness and young spirit to put exquisite, lively patterns in the spotlight in every table setting. Unfolded in each movement of fine craftsmanship, the Bronze Drum collection lives up the national beauty and spirit in its early days as well as highlights the talent, primitive technology and creativity of ancient Yue. The premium collection also features the artist's dedication and respect for our ancestors, originating from the pride of 4,000-year-long founding history.

The detail information of product

11 cm | 4,33 inch
11 cm | 4,33 inch
6 cm | 2,36 inch
185,33 gr
Orange, Vàng 24k
Tươi tắn, Hiện đại, Sắc việt, Sang trọng

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