Sugar bowl 10 cm + lid - Palace - Gold Lotus 1

SKU Code: 031023345
Brand: Minh Long I
Collection: Palace
Pattern: Gold Lotus 1
407.000 VNĐ
Quantity: 1

Product Description

Bearing the traditional, fragile beauty of a zen symbol in many Asian cultures, lotus finds its way in modern lifestyle by unveiling its full blooms in Minh Long's products. The flower is masterfully stylized in cobalt shade from the Vietnam's royal court tableware in Hue. The background scenery engrosses one with a vivid depiction of beds of green grass and myriad of floras spotting a peaceful countryside. Our artisans cleverly add a sense of royalty by painting gold lines on petals, rim, handle and lid to better reflect surrounding light. The Golden Lotus collection is recommended for both family gatherings and formal dinner settings thanks to its ability to bring up tranquility and luxury, showing the host's fine taste.

The detail information of product

15,50 cm | 6,10 inch
10 cm | 3,94 inch
14 cm | 5,51 inch
393,33 gr
White, Cobalt, Vàng 24k
Hiện đại, Sắc việt, Thiên nhiên, Sang trọng, Trang nhã

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