The schoolboy - Sculpture - White

SKU Code: F0026000
Brand: Minh Long I
Pattern: White
3.894.000 VNĐ
Quantity: 1

Product Description

Who doesn't have that unforgettable piece of childhood to spend at school with the pure student uniform on, the sound of school bell ringing, old trees lining the playground and tons of fun activities with witty friends. For a moment in life, when you lose all directions, please treasure the sculpture to remind the time of innocence and pure joy. Once growing up hits you hard, you can preserve goodness and hope for development for posterity.

The detail information of product

15,50 cm | 6,10 inch
12 cm | 4,72 inch
24,30 cm | 9,57 inch
700 gr
Sắc việt, Trang nhã

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