Beauty of South (M) - Sculpture - Hand painted

Brand: Minh Long I
Pattern: Hand painted
831.600 VNĐ
Quantity: 1

Product Description

The trio, namely Ladies of Three Regions (North, Central Coast and South) takes its inspiration from Vietnamese women’s graceful beauty. In regional costumes, the sculptures appear delicate and shine with hidden charm to become an ambassador of a friendly country presentable in the hand of international tourists.

From porcelain materials, Minh Long I artists patiently shape the sculptures with a touch of human soul and an authentic national spirit. Especially, the ladies’ humble expression are depicted not only on their faces, but also their figures and curves. The Lady of the North owns her simplicity and in-depth beauty in a four-flap dress with a silver decorative chain and a wide flat hat. Beside her, Lady of the Central Coast, the land of royal families, dons a traditional ao dai with a sash that gently highlights her tiny waist. However, both cannot compares to the elegance and sweetness in the style of the Lady of the South with her traditional costume and delightful posture. At last, the trio reflects a combination of radiant beauty, confidence, friendliness, hard-working attitude, dignity and virtue of Vietnamese women of all time.

Each sculpture is a clever coordination of our designer team’s artful craftsmanship and high-end technology by Minh Long I to create sharp curves and harmonious, vivid mix of colors which turn a normal sculpture into a meaningful piece of souvenirs and a reminder of a country with hospitable and honest people.

The trio is available in white, full colors and platinum lustre to meet the taste of different ages and decorating themes.

The detail information of product

200 gr
6 cm | 2,36 inch
5,50 cm | 2,17 inch
22 cm | 8,66 inch
Sang trọng, Trang nhã, Sắc việt

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